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A Recap of Sanctity of Life Sunday

What a Sunday it was.  A Sunday we wish we didn’t have to have, but one full of conviction, full of depressing statistics, sad stories, as well as great stories of amazing testimonies of survival.  If we know anything, we know that this isn’t the topic for us to be silent on.

As a church we donated $800 on top of the crib full of gifts for the Hope Unlimited organization.  What an honor it was to hear a great report and testimony from our guest speaker Nicole Farley.Hope Unlimited Shower


Let’s not stop here.  As great a contribution as this was to the cause, obviously it’s only an inch towards a seemingly infinite amount of miles of work that could be done.  For further motivation, I’ve included a powerful testimony of a survivor of an attempted saline abortion.  It’s incredible to hear and thanks to Sylvia for bringing it to our attention.  Also, a special thanks to all of our wonderful women who helped put together a great event that directly reaches out and helps our community.