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“Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.”

Luke 3:8


Grace is given to us as a free gift.  It cannot be earned or merited.  But salvation that does not move us out of our self-destructive and rebellious ways is counterfeit.  Repentance is a life change.  It is a realization the we have been going the wrong way on a one-way street.  It is an acknowledgement that trying to guide our own lives is always going to end in disappointment,disaster, and death without Jesus being Lord of both our lips and our lives.  We know that God’s grace is marvelous, but let’s also learn that his will is gracious.  As we do, we will change our behavior to reflect the character of the Father who sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins!


“It is a shame for a person to have been a Christian for years but not to have advanced beyond the knowledge of his salvation.”

Theodore Epp

PRAYERS Week of April 5. 2015

Unspoken, Amy Foster, Sylvia Cherry, Jean Cain, Jo Barnhill, Renee Gaines, Carla Simpson, Wayne Simpson, Me & my mom, Gail Crabtree, C.W. Douglas Jr., Thomas Englert, Dorothy Anderson, Patricia Douglas & Family, Nathan Douglas & Family, Deborah Leach & Family, Deanna Walter & Family, Kay Hart, Sandra Noland & Family, Trista & Ben Harwood, Sarah & Travis Peeler & Family, Kassandra,  Gretchen, Sarah Peeler, Dax Workman, Ryan Collins, Frank Harwood, Mark Kennedy, Cindy Kennedy, Kelsey Kennedy, Sherry & Amy, Blake Anderson, David Tubbs Family, Sophie Zellers, Jeff Wisemen, Tony Powell & Family, Jim McReynolds, Kay Smith, Anne Ellis, Elton Priddy, Erica Owen, Joy Garland, Larry Wooten, Laken Scott, Amanda Weir, Yvette Shankle, Micah Pennebaker, Sharon Hayden, Dianne Beckman, Bruce Burcham, Sammy Graves, Callie Davis, Anne R., Nancy Gill, Larry Elkins, Jerry Elkins, Lisa Elrod, Ross Pennebaker, Alicia Ray, Johnnie Moss, Matthew Moss, Lewis & Sandy Moss, Jim Englert, Howard Pulley, Charlotte Clark & Family, Mark Lynn, James Metcalf, Debbie Riley, Tommy Spillman, Tom Parrott, Jean Dowdy, John Green, Tommy Medley, Nelline Giles, Tonya Wilson, Bobby Rials, Chad Riley, Roy Kidd, Ryan Weaver, Jan Fennel, Sherma Flowers, Alisha Weathers & Family, Danny Jo McReynolds, Linda Thompson, Kaylee & Kinzey Courtney, Tony Powell, Jeremy Lewis, Tim & Lynne Gimmel, Charlie Beringer, Jane Massey, Donna McDonald, Nichols, Billy Belcher, Ben Meyer, Morris & Edith Wallace, Gene McLeod, Billy Tucker, Stuart Terry, Lillie Lucas, Peggy Gray, Ginger Collins, Pam Gallimore, Wanda Moyers, Elizabeth Lewis, Glenda, Grant, Bobby Grubbs, Marla Bell Caskey & Family, Alisha Weathers & Family, Betty Scarborough, Daxton Joiner, Russell Essary, Darlie Byerly, Pastor Search Committee, Joe Lindsey, Betty Finnell, Freda Frinch, Mary Barrow, Don Bock, Terry Hill, Doris Hicks, Abel Harding, Jimmy Hicks, Teresa Finnell, Kim Youngblood, Barbara Cleary, Wenna Day, Denzil Hafford, Barry Foissett, Shawn Guenther, Wendy Shepherd, Kim Steinbrink, Randy Barrow, Billy Collins, Dr. Glen Noss, Moline Russell, Bro. Stuart & Family, Phyllis Stevenson & Family, Timothy Lewis, Bill Medlin, Tonya Blankenship, Michele & Stephen Dalton, Jacob & Jayden, Velma Vinson, Church Family, Deacons, President Obama & Leaders, Unsaved, homeless, sick, Kentucky & Leaders, Celebrate Recovery, Marriage Retreat, Firemen/Policeman, First Responders, Missionaries, Military, USEC Employees, Middle East, Pastor Search Committee: Eric Burnett, Sherri Compton, Karl Fleischauer, Jodi Johnson, David Mathis, Gary Maxey, Gerald Russell