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The Conner Corner by Pastor Wes


EASTER 2016.  There are many momentous occasions in the long history of mankind, but none is more so than what happened on the Sunday after Passover in about AD 30, when Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, got up out of His borrowed grave as the Lord of Life!  In fact, the lynchpin of all human history revolves around the words of the angel in Luke 24:5, when he spoke to a small band of mourning Jewish women and said, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?  He is not here, but is risen!”  

I trust you will not be turned aside in your worship during Holy Week 2016—the most sacred time of the year for the Church of Jesus Christ.  Here’s a quick overview of what you can anticipate at your church…

  • Sunday, March 20 – Palm Sunday.  We enter Holy Week with Palm Sunday Worship at 10 AM, commemorating the Triumphal Entry and Jesus’ journey to the Cross.  Stuart Terry and our Worship Choir will be presenting Part 1 of the moving Easter musical, “Champion of Love.”  Then, in the context of Palm Sunday, I’ll bring the message, “My Christian Service” (Matthew 20:1-16), the final message in our series, Basic Training for a Strong Christian Life.  The sanctuary will be filled with palms and Easter lilies and everyone will receive a small palm cross as a reminder of the momentous events of Easter Week.  Evening Worship will feature a presentation of the Easter-themed movie, St. John in Exile.  Plan to be present to see this unique and captivating interpretation of the Easter story.  
  • Thursday, March 24 – “Service of Shadows.”  At 6:30 PM, we will worship together on the night before Good Friday, known as Maundy Thursday.  In this special service, we will gather for a unique time of worship focusing on Calvary and “The Last Seven Words of Christ on the Cross” through music, meditation, and a special Easter Season Lord’s Supper.  Please do not miss this sacred service as we recall what Jesus did for us on the Cross.  
  • Saturday, March 26 – Easter “Egg-Stravaganza!”  At 10 AM, our children through 5th grade will meet at the church for a great fun-filled Easter activity with a huge egg hunt, inflatables, and the “Gospel Juggler!”  Don’t miss it, kids!
  • Sunday, March 27: Resurrection Sunday.  The worship will be joyous as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord!  After Sunday School, our big Easter Celebration Worship will begin at 10 AM.  The music will be vibrant (including “Champion of Love” Part 2), the atmosphere will be charged, and the spirit of excitement will be prevalent as we celebrate the empty tomb!  I’ll bring the message, “Easter: An Ancient Truth for Postmodern Times” (Philippians 3:10-11).  Everyone in attendance of Easter Sunday will receive a gift copy of Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Easter.

I encourage every member and friend of MZBC—and everyone else you can bring with you—to come hear the truth about Easter and all it means to us as Christ-followers.  Handouts and postcards will be available for you to use in inviting others to join us for the worship celebrations.  Please plan to be part of Holy Week 2016 as we proclaim the Risen Christ to McCracken County!  

SPECIAL SERMON SERIES STARTS IN APRIL – “EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER FOR FAMILIES.”  When it comes to raising kids and maintaining a happy marriage, some outside help can often make the difference between success and failure.  While you can’t transform your family in seven days like they do on some of those “makeover” TV shows, perhaps this spring’s Sunday morning sermons can help begin the project.  To build a successful family in today’s world we need help from God, the “Master Architect” of home-building.  In that light, I’ll be bringing a series of timely messages entitled, Extreme Home Makeover for Families.  Please plan to join us and receive some help in discovering (or re-discovering) God’s blueprint for remodeling your family!  We’ll discuss God’s thoughts of the roles of husbands and wives, the rearing and discipline of children, and even the sensitive topic of separation and divorce.  I encourage you to be faithful to hear God’s Word from the Mt. Zion Pulpit this spring season!  

HARD TO BELIEVE IT’S BEEN A WHOLE YEAR!  Just a final note to say “thank you” again to the loving Mt. Zion congregation for inviting Eve and me last April (2015) to come serve the Lord alongside you in this wonderful ministry!  We’re seeing God show Himself in great and mighty ways as we call upon Him to show us His power (Jeremiah 33:3).  In every service, I sense we are truly in the presence of the Lord—and I’m anticipating greater things to come.  We love each of you and are looking forward to many years of fruitful ministry together.  

Peace and blessings to you all, Mt. Zion Family!  See you in church!

With a shepherd’s love,

Pastor Wes