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The Conner Corner: “Charting New Courses” in 2016


Wes Conner, Senior Pastor

“Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths.”  Psalm 25:4

When I began my U.S. Army career in 1984 as an infantry private at Ft. Benning, Georgia, some of the most important instruction our drill sergeants gave to us shaved-head trainees was map-reading and land navigation.  We learned to understand maps, use a compass, and figure out where we were anywhere on earth using those two important tools of the military profession.  By the time I retired from the Army as a military intelligence major in 2005, maps and compasses had become almost as obsolete as muskets—replaced by what’s called the Global Positioning System (GPS).  

Most of us are now familiar even in the civilian world with GPS devices—most of our vehicles, computers and even cellphones have one installed.  The GPS is a space-based navigation system that uses satellites to provide location information almost anywhere on earth.  In the 21st century, a GPS device is indispensable for navigation around the world.  And it also helps us men, who are notorious for not wanting to ask for directions when we travel!  

I wonder if you know that God has a GPS system for His children.  He has a way to tell us where He wants us to go and even how to get there.  It’s the most trusted GPS ever—far more reliable than our earthly GPS.  Everyone who’s followed it has never lost their way or deviated from the right path.  God’s GPS is found in the Bible and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit!   

In Psalm 25, David prayed, “Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths.”  That ought to be the prayer of everyone who claims the name of Christ today!  “Show me Your ways, O Lord!  Here at Mt. Zion, we are adopting King David’s prayer as a church family for 2016.  We are asking the Lord to show us “great and mighty things” (Jeremiah 33:3) this year and our theme for the year is “Charting New Courses.”  

We’re praying that God will show us HIS ways as a church and lead us into new paths of worship, service, evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship in 2016.  We will see many changes in several our ministries, the addition of new ministries, many new outreach initiatives, and as we work and pray and trust God, we also hope we’ll see many new people come into our community of faith!  Will you commit to join in the work, to pray, to be open to God’s leading—both in your life and the life of MZBC?  I trust you will join our ministry leaders, church staff, and me as we seek to follow God in new ways this year!  

A few highlights are on the near horizon as we start out on these new courses…

  • January – “Vision Month:” Please be on the lookout for several items in print and on our website that will help all of us focus our attention and prayers on the goals and plans for the coming year.
  • New Website: Speaking of our website, take a look around if you haven’t been here in a while.  Nathan Mathis, our Director of Student Ministries, has done an outstanding job is standing up a truly professional and useful website.  You can catch the latest news from the church and even look in our most recent services on video!  Thanks, Nathan!  Let him know you appreciate his good work.
  • January 24 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday: Since the Bible is pro-life, so is Mt. Zion Church!  It cannot be any other way and we will join thousands of churches nationwide to commemorate this special day of reflection.  We will hear a report from the awesome life-saving ministry of Hope Unlimited, our local pregnancy resource center, and hold a “baby shower” for Hope after Morning Worship.  Plan to bring an item young mothers can use, or bring a special financial gift as we’ll have a love offering for Hope as well.
  • February 4-5 – Johnny Hunt Men’s Simulcast: This year, we MZBC will host this special conference for men.  Thanks to Associate Pastor Brent Lee for leading this effort.  More details are found elsewhere in our newsletter, but I encourage man and male youth to be here for this special time.  
  • February 14 – Church-Wide Valentine Banquet: Though this time of year is often to emphasize the love of a man and woman, Jesus said we’re to love one another.  The whole church is invited to attend this special Sunday evening meal and devotional challenge around the Valentine theme.
  • Upcoming Sunday Morning Sermon Series: February and March will feature a series entitled, “Basic Training for a Strong Christian Life,” which will re-emphasize some basic spiritual ideals for every Christian.  After Easter (April-May), look for a special emphasis on the home, marriage, and family as we offer the series, “Extreme Home Makeover”—sharing some biblical principles that will strengthen every home at Mt. Zion.  More information will be forthcoming on these messages.

“Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths.”  Will you join the adventure as we chart new courses for God?  See you in church…

With a shepherd’s love,

Pastor Wes