You may join our church by any of these ways:

If you have professed faith in Christ, or desire to do so, and will be baptized by immersion, you may join our church by confessing your faith through baptism.
If you are a member of another Baptist church, you can simply transfer your membership to MZBC. This is sometimes called “moving your church letter.”  We will attend to the details of the transfer.
If you have professed faith in Christ and have been baptized by immersion after salvation, but are not a member of a Baptist church, OR if your membership records in a Baptist church are unavailable, you may join by your statement of these conditions.

We generally receive members into our congregation at the close of any Sunday Worship Service by any of the methods mentioned above.  We recommend that you talk to our Senior Pastor, one of our Staff Pastors, or one of our Deacons before make the commitment to join our fellowship.  This will answer any questions you may have about membership.  It will also ensure that you understand the sacred commitment as well as the numerous benefits that membership in a New Testament local church brings.

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. (Romans 15:7/ESV)