If you have ever attended a women’s or leadership conference event you have heard the term “breakout session” where you break away from the large group and take a few minutes to learn something specific that can help you to be better. 

Our Breakout sessions are no different in these are times of discipleship, fellowship with other ladies so we can become better individually and as a group.

Session 3 – Finding God Faithful / Kelly Minter
We can get through just about any pain or suffering if we know the Lord is in it with us. But when we feel forsaken or abandoned, our pain becomes unbearable. In a most trying circumstance, the psalmist expressed what the Lord’s presence meant to him with the imagery, “Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear no danger, for you are with me; your rod and your staff—they comfort me” (Ps. 23:4, emphasis mine). In Genesis 39, we’ll see the recurring phrase, “The LORD was with Joseph.” Joseph’s entire story rests on these five words. They will prove to be an anchor in turbulence and reconciliation in what seems irreconcilable…

In our western culture, we tend to think of God’s blessing and our suffering as mutually exclusive. We think of blessing as all the good things happening in the middle of all the good times. But in Joseph’s story we discover something that challenges our mind-set, even as believers: Certain blessings can only come in the midst of our suffering. In Egypt, Joseph was rising in power and position. He had found favor with his master, and his work was prospering. Still, all these blessings fell upon Joseph in a land far away from his family and in a culture that didn’t worship his God. The blessings were abounding in the midst of His suffering.

Are you refusing God’s blessings in the midst of your trial? Take some time to surrender your pain to the Lord. Tell Him you’re willing to receive His blessings even if they look different than what you’re hoping for. Thank Him for His presence with you, and ask Him to manifest that presence so that it brings you peace, comfort, and joy.

Do I Need a Book?

A study guide is necessary  in order to get the most from this study. Please register for this class so materials can be purchased and available at our first study.
Bring a Friend?

Absolutely! We would love any young lady (18-100+) to attend if they are led. There will be no pressure, no judgement, no shame only a place to learn and share freely. 

Is this a video session?

This is a special video session distributed by Kelly Minter through her social media  with new videos for this summer study.

This Breakout session is free. The only charge for this study is the cost of the study guide listed above.

Childcare. If you are in need of childcare, please let us know when you sign up.

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