Welcome to MZBC Kids! If you are looking for a place to hang out with other great kids and adults so you can learn about Jesus then this is the place to be!  Come visit with us at any time.
  9:00am – Sunday School
 – Kingdom Kids              

  5:00pm – Mission Friends

  5:00pm – Wednesday Dinner
  6:00pm – Gospel Project

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Every Sunday morning starts with pastries and beverages at 8:30am in the Holy Grounds Coffee Corner (located in the FLWC). Our regular breakfast availability is donuts, milk, coffee, and a juice variety. All breakfast items are FREE.

There is a small group Sunday School class for everyone in the family at Mt. Zion! Our children register for Sunday School at the Administrative entrance and move to the upstairs education wing for their classes. 

(We have classes for nursery – adult so we hope your entire family will join us for this time of Bible study and discussion.)

Kingdom Kids meets at 10am during our worship services. Children transition from their Sunday School classes to theLoft where they have adult leadership providing worship and teaching that is prepared for this age group.
During this time they will experience digital as well as live worship experiences, opportunities for participation as worship leader and interactive lessons from the Bible that teach your child biblical lessons that guide them through their daily decisions while living for Jesus.

TeamKid brings lessons regarding scripture, missions, and so much more. Wednesday evenings at 6:00 during our EMPOWER mid-week services your child will participate in worship; not only singing and other forms of arts but also learning how their actions can be worship. Again, we bring age appropriate Bible lessons that are geared to actually learning what God’s Word is and how to apply it in their lives. 

We have some fun in here also because team building brings children closer together.

The Joyful Noise Children’s Handbell Choir gets our kids excited. They love to bring the handbell choir to the worship service. Even the littlest of our children like to ring the bells. This group meets on Wednesday evenings during the TeamKid session to learn and practice new pieces as well as teach new members how to play.
Kids! LIVIN’ THE ReaLife! This group is learning all about the Books of the Bible, Scripture Memorization, and Bible Drills (Sword Drill exercises). We are having a great time of discipleship learning about our relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and their relationship with each other. Worship and prayer are large parts of this service but from a different direction. Finding your child’s gifting is part of our worship. Some kids are just going to grab a mic and sing and even lead; but others are not. God has possibly called them in a different direction and we’re going to help them find that. Not just let them sit. Prayer is an interactive participation not just an adult leading prayer but children learning how to lead corporate prayer with their peers. FInding their voice (singing, praying, teaching) and using it for God is what this is about.
    Volunteer Checks
For the security of the children attending our services and to meet requirements set forth by our insurance company ALL volunteers in the children’s ministry are required to have a completed background check (includes fingerprints) with the church office prior to participating in children’s events, worship services, roadtrips, or activities. Please contact the church office at 270.554.0518 for information on acquiring this background check at no cost to you.
     Medical Form
Children’s ministry comes with many surprises but your child’s allergies and medical conditions should not be one of them. We want to keep everyone safe but should some medical situation arise with your child or one of our children’s team members we want to recognize and react appropriately and do it quickly. Please complete this form annually; or should your medical information change at any time throughout the year, please update your copy with the church office immediately. medical form here
    Campus Security
For on campus safety our church does have a Security and Medical Team positioned throughout the church facility while you are with us. Our team maintains a low profile in order to avoid unneccessary concern from church members and our guests. Should you have need for security please do not hesitate to locate our guest hosts; which are positioned at the registration desk, the main entrances, or the FLWC hallway. These volunteers are able to notify security immediately of any need that may arise. 
Director of Children and Youth
Jeremiah Adams
Office: 270.554.0518
Email: jadams@mtzionpaducah.org