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Nursery Check-In
Director of Children and Youth
Jeremiah Adams
Office: 270.554.0518

We understand that your child is the most important thing to you and their care and security is number one on your list while attending Mt. Zion Baptist Church. With that foremost in our mind, our staff has made every effort to provide a childcare staff and facility that insures that your child is receiving the best care possible while he or she is with us.   

Our Nursery Staff
The Mt. Zion Nursery staff is comprised of volunteer members who are led to care for you and your child’s every need. Whether you are visiting our childcare facility to care for your child or leaving your child in our care any of our nursery staff is happy to help in anyway.

There are established requirements that must be met for each of our potential volunteers to serve as Nursery Staff. These include but are not limited to: passing an FBI background check and understanding of basic childcare and first-aid requirements. 

If a more severe physical issue such as a cardiac event should arise, our childcare staff scheduling includes volunteers who are certified in Cardio Pulminary Resuscitation (CPR) and a pediatric defibrillator is available in the education wing should the need arise.

During each Nursery session no less than two (2) volunteers are required in the childcare facility (unrelated, one (1) adult and no one under the age of 16).

Our Childcare Facility
Mt. Zion offers you and your child a newly renovated childcare facility
that provides all of the necessesities to care for your newborn, crawler or walker (maximum 2 years old); cribs, changing station, crawling area, and nursery supplies are available to help you feel right at home.
If you would like to tour our newly renovated and Kentucky state approved childcare facility you may do so during any service time or contact the church office at 270.554.0518 to schedule your visit.

Your Child’s Care
If your child has a special need (physical, emotional, or nutritional) please let our staff know at the time of registration.

Parent Notification System
If at any time your child becomes distressed and unconsolable, or a question or concern arises during his/her time with us your registration number will appear on the bottom right of the projection screen. Please report to the nursery immediately.
To provide a secure space for our children every guest must be registered and signed out at each visit to the childcare facility by a parent or guardian. It is against church policy for a child to leave the childcare facility with anyone other than the person who signed them in.

During church events the Mt. Zion campus, specifically all direct entrances to the children’s wing, are under the constant surveillance of security personnel for unusual activity. Their presence is discreet but be assured they are there and have received training in church security to observe and react to any situation that could possibly arise. 
Should you have any concerns regarding our childcare facility, the staffing, or your child’s care please contact Rev. Billy Kennedy, Minister to Children.