9:00AM – Sunday School (West Wing 2nd Floor)
10:00AM – Worship (FLWC)
  5:00PM– Rooted Bible Study (West Wing 2nd Floor)
  6:00PM – Rooted Bible Study (West Wing 2nd Floor)

 – To empower the Youth by teaching them how to put God first in their lives and developing unity with their peers through scripture and life experiences.
 – Is here to give teens a place to relax, feel safe and be able to discuss any issues that they are facing, helping them to see the answers God has for them in His Word.  We are building a close knit group that can rely on each other for support and encouragement to go out into the world and share God’s Word.
 – Have one local activity a month outside the church.
 – Have one main, out of town function having to do with training,worship and fun.
– Have at least one smaller trip and overnight function for fun.
 – To make this educational and exciting forgoing a team that wants to go out and do things in the community such as:
 – Singing Christmas Carols at the Retirement Homes
 – Hand out water at Noble Park with mission team and learn how to talk to people about Jesus
 – Go on Mission trips
 – Do Fundraisers for things we want to  accomplish
 – Assist with Church functions
 – Lock-ins from time to time with Worship bands and other activities to help them grow Spiritually
 – Functions with other local churches
Sunday nights each child may submit on a card an issue, question or problem and I will, with God’s help, provide a scriptural answers for them on Wednesday night.
We will have a prayer box where they can submit prayer requests and they can be anonymous.
We will pray over them and pass them on the the prayer team building their personal relationship with God through prayer.